About the Site

What does "Thirty Acre Fortress" mean?
The site's name is all about Seahawks Stadium / Qwest Field / CenturyLink Field. In creating the site, I was trying to think of a name that captured the awesome experience of being a Seahawk fan. There's no stadium in the NFL as hostile as our own. We have the most raucous crowd, the most false starts, and the most fan-caused seismic events. The stadium holds us and serves as a daily reminder on my commute to work that I am a very small part of the best fanbase in the country.

Breaking it down into the constituent parts: First, the stadium sits atop a 30 acre parcel (technically 30.8 acres, but that's not as catchy). Second, how else to describe the Clink than as a fortress? -- a heavily protected, impenetrable building that often houses reinforcements (in this case, the 12th Man).

Who is the guy doing all the writing?
Aww, sweet of you to ask. I'm Chris. I joined the original Seahawk Addicts team about two weeks into its existence, and ended up taking it over after about six months. That was fun, but the site never carried my voice and when it did, I often got criticized. Over the time, it became a more and more negative place and I stopped reading comments and basically checked out. I kept it up for longer than I should have out of some strange obligation to the Addicts, but the site suffered from that and so did I.

So now, I'm starting anew. I've still got plenty to say, argue about, and learn. I am at least as involved, if not more, in the Twitter world than I am in blogging. I plan to incorporate twitter extensively into the site, because it's a very cool medium and one that kept me from falling off the Seahawks cliff. Plus, I expect most of you readers will find me via Twitter in the first place.

Are there rules around this place?
As luck would have it, there are! The good news is, they're few and far between. The bad news is, I expect you to follow them in the comments section. You can read them by clicking the "Code of Conduct" item on the navigation bar above or by clicking here.