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Top Day 3 Prospects for Seattle

"Hey, this thing doesn't exist anymore! What's with the re-design? Is that Wolf Grey?!" Yeah, well, your mom. I don't know if I'll be writing over here or not, but I wanted it to exist for when I have something longer or more permanent to say about the Seahawks... so ha!

The Seahawks said they wanted to get faster, and faster they have gotten. With Bruce Irvin they snagged their [first?] pass rusher, with Bobby Wagner they got their [first?] linebacker, and with Russell Wilson they drafted their [only!] quarterback for this draft class. So what are they missing and who could they target in the last four rounds? I think we'll go mostly offense, so that's what I'm focusing on in this post. Who the hell knows what Seattle will ever do on defense, anyway?

Running Back
Pretty sure this is a photo from practice. That's how we do.
Lamar Miller (Miami) - He has fallen due to health concerns, but at one point Miller was considered a near-consensus second RB in this draft. At 5'11" and 212 lbs, Miller would offer the size coveted to back up Marshawn Lynch. With a 4.40 forty-yard dash, he offers the speed that Carroll and Schneider are looking for. He has fallen like a rock due to concerns with his shoulder that, it sounds like, could put him at risk for this season. (4th Round option)

Chris Polk (UW) - He's a Husky, you guys! Polk is right there with Miller for best-available-player, but he too has a shoulder concern. Not quite as fast as Miller, and likely being dinged for his 799 carries in college (that's a LOT of tread nowadays), but Polk should still be considered at the top of the 4th.

Cyrus Gray (Texas A&M) - He's 5'10", 206 lbs and runs a 4.47... that's pretty similar to Miller. Gray is a hard working, hard runner (like Lynch). He was used as a running back, slot receiver, and returner. I think Pete would love to get his hands on someone like that. Seattle is lacking great hands out of the back field, and Leon Washington did not impress much last year as a returner. Team player. (4th - 6th round)

Chris Rainey (Florida) - Has drawn comparisons to a poor-mans Percy Harvin; Rainey is not that special, but he's an explosive back who can cut on a dime then leave you wondering where he disappeared to as he burns past you. A great package guy, Rainey can be the speedy, shifty playmaker that Pete Carroll covets. (4th - 6th round).

Other Options: Robert Turbin, Vick Ballard, Terrance Ganaway, Tauren Poole, Davin Meggett, Bryce Brown

Wide Receiver
Hopefully not how he catches punt returns?
Joe Adams (Arkansas) - 5'11", 180 lbs is not exactly the size profile Pete loves in WRs, so maybe I'm stretching here, but Adams would be a perfect returner and could work on the rest. He averaged nearly 16 yards per punt return for his career (!!!!) and had five touchdowns. Runs after the catch better than most, and is very dangerous in space. Has ball security issues and needs to improve on his routes, but a decent value in the 4th. Unlike Golden Tate, who had similar issues, Adams could impact on day one on special teams.

Nick Toon (Wisconsin) - 6'2", 215 lbs - The Seahawks just grabbed his buddy Russ Wilson, so why not keep the Bucky Trend going? Toon is fast enough (4.54), is good against the press which Seattle will be facing more of in the new-look NFC West. Drops too many balls, but has strong hands and decent jumping ability, so in theory that could be improved upon. (4th round)

Marvin McNutt (Iowa) - 6'3", 216 lbs - identical forty time to Toon, but a smidge taller and better career numbers. McNutt was a solid QB prospect coming out of high school who converted to WR. Also good against press coverage, and reminded me a little of Mike Williams the way he understands how to use his body to create space. He's physical and very talented, but has the same drawbacks as Mike (or Roy, for that matter) Williams. 5th rounder.

Tommy Streeter (Miami) 6'5", 219 lbs, 4.40 forty. An athletic freak with the body to match, you get the impression Streeter is exactly who the Seahawks would love to grab. They have ears inside U of M with Jedd Fisch (and I believe Carroll's son). Incredible length, can high point the ball, can get down field in  a hurry and was dominant on fade routes and seams. More concerned with the catch than the forthcoming hit. He's raw though, hence the drop into the 5th/6th round.

Other names to watch: Jarius Wright (Arkansas), Jeff Fuller (TAMU), Dwight Jones (UNC), Chris Owusu (Stanford -- as a free agent?!)

Tight End
Close Enough
Close enough
Orson Charles (Georgia) - He's the best guy left on the board, but a recent DUI arrest and the fact that he's only 6'3" and not a speedster has made him fall. I don't get the impression he'll be our guy, hence this poor write-up, but I'd be remiss not to mention him. Clearly the "best talent!" available at the position, according to people who write things for a living but don't actually influence draft boards. (4th)

Ladarius Green (Louisiana Lafayette) - He's  6'6", 240 lbs, and runs a 4.53 forty... He came into his own last season, but is basically a one year wonder and is not a great blocker by any stretch. (4th)

Dereck Carrier (Beloit) - Another small school kid, but this one could be interesting as he might fall late. Again, only 6'3", but Carrier is a solid H-back prospect with surprising agility. Played basketball, so he's obviously Jimmy Graham. He visited with Seattle. (7th round)

David Paulson (Oregon) - If I didn't mention him, Scott would lose all respect for me. He's also 6'3" and weighs in a smidge under 250. He doesn't impress me all that much -- 4.93 forty, seems like a good, not great athlete, but there's a lot to work with here and he is an able and willing blocker and good receiver. Not a game breaker, but for a 7th round pick, would be solid value.

Other names to watch: Adrien Robinson (Cincinnati), Brad Smelley (Alabama), Lamant Bryant (Morgan State). All visited Seattle, which you'd know if you visited Field Gulls!

Offensive Line
Breakfast... ends... at... 10:30... almost... there....
Lucas Nix (Pittsburgh) - 6'5" 317 lbs, a top ten guard in the draft, Nix is good but not great at just about everything. Team player, hustle player, and very effective cut blocker. Built for Cable's ZBS, and could be around in the 5th.

Brandon Washington (Miami) - Just to be clear, he's better than Lucas Nix, but that picture was too good to pass up. He's 6'3", 320 lbs, so I think Cable would be okay with him. Solid player that can do his job. Has enough athleticism to play LT at Miami last year, but will be a guard in the NFL. Only 8 penalties in over 1,700 career snaps. Think PC would be happy with that. (4th round)

Ryan Miller (Colorado) - 6'7" 321 lbs. He's probably not good enough (and his arms are too short) to play tackle in the NFL, but is too tall to play guard... well, in most schemes. Pretty much the same size as Robert Gallery who went to a couple of Pro Bowls under Tom Cable. As a 7th rounder or UDFA, it would be nice to see what Cable could turn him into. He's a strong guy, good against bull rushes (a glaring weakness last year), that could develop into something kind of neat.

Other Names to Watch: Anyone who is tall and fat.

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