Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Third & Fourth Quarter

And some more, this will get a bit less attention, though.

  • Pep Levingston is a guy I had very little faith in after the draft. He has really shown up so far in the pre-season, and the camp session I went to he looked to be doing much the same. I'm still not convinced he makes the team, but I have to believe he has a better shot than a guy like Kentwan Balmer at this stage.
  • Malcolm Smith looks to have some nice pass-rush skills. Good speed, and seems to have a knack for coming off blocks or avoiding them altogether. Young talent like that makes it very hard to believe that Lofa Tatupu would have a role on this team, even if he is cheap...
  • Maurice Fountain with back to back sick plays. Love it.
  • Marshawn Lynch is a very weird man. I love it.
  • Charlie Whitehurst coming in after a punt. I'll cut to the chase though, Whitehurst had a successful game and looked pretty good, but his average yards per attempt was around 5. That's... not very good. I think someone pointed out that his longest pass in the air was something like 16 yards. I'll get to the "Quarterback Controversy" a little later.
  • Anthony McCoy is very good. I don't see a way he is on the street this season, which means Domonique Byrd (who has looked quite good) and John Carlson (who has been mostly absent, but has looked excellent in camp) are potentially fighting for a roster spot. Who the hell is Cameron Morrah?
  • One more bit about Whitehurst. The knock against him here is that all his passes were short, many were checkdowns, but most were drawn up as short passes. Last pre-season, however, Whitehurst couldn't throw a short pass to save his life. I was impressed with the gains in his accuracy from last year. Even in the five incompletions he threw, most were catchable balls. 
  • The touchdown from Whitehurst to McCoy was nice improvisation both by Whitehurst and McCoy. There are going to be a lot of improvised touchdowns this year judging by our offensive line's play...
  • These Seahawks had a lot of trouble containing the QB. Again, that's mostly a game-planning issue, but  both Ponder and Webb were really gashing the defense. Combined they had 5 runs for 26 yards.
  • Bend but don't break -> Josh Pinkard with a helluva forced fumble, punching the ball 15 yards through the back of the endzone for a touchback on what was nearly a touchdown. 
  • Kris Durham looked pretty good last night, catching just about everything thrown near him. He had 4 receptions last night, and was second only to D Byrd for yards. This on a night where only 10 of 27 completions were to WRs makes it a tad bit more impressive.
  • I like Vai Tuau more than Thomas Clayton, and it's not really close. 
  • Whitehurst gets absolutely annihilated and comes up looking hurt. That one is on him, in my opinion. He held onto the ball too long, and when the first and second layers of defense are blocked off, there's really only so much you can expect from your line, RBs and TEs. 
Okay, so, not a good game for the Seahawks. Defense looked a bit slow, showed a lot of those bend but don't break tendencies that average defenses often show. Yes, we got to a Super Bowl with BbdB attitude, but that was also with one of the best offenses in the league. I expect more from our guys in the trenches, especially against a pretty bad offensive line. They had some nice flashes, but nothing too consistent. It's hard to see how this team becomes elite without an elite pass rush. Mebane and Bryant should be anchors for years to come (provided health), but neither Clemons nor Brock are long term answers, and I don't have faith in Dexter Davis at this point. 

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  1. I hope you write again at some point. Your posts were among the top three that I enjoyed checking daily. Either way, thanks for what you did while you did it!