Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Second Quarter


  • Forsett gets four shots to score from the two, can't score. Not good enough. Continued poor play from the offensive line, who was consistently pushed back. I don't quite understand why Lynch is not the goal line back, but he rarely was last year if I recall correctly. 
  • Trufant gives up an admittedly good catch to a tight end. So, half okay, half not so much okay. On the next play, Aaron Curry oversells on a playaction and McNabb's bootleg works to perfection. 
  • Leroy Hill looks like his earlier self. Really flying around last night and last week. 
  • Jennings gives up a nice catch to Jenkins. Not really a lot that he could have done there, but people are still probably mad about it. Jennings isn't a very good corner, but he was great in Hotel Rwanda, so whatever. 
  • Wilkerson looks good at the five-tech position, and Dexter Davis is taking snaps with the ones. Davis is someone I haven't heard almost anything about this year, but I am hoping for big things from him. Siavii makes a couple of nice plays too.
  • Alan Branch is massive, and does a good job getting a deflection despite being double teamed. 
  • Jeron Johnson makes a nice play picking up the tight end, forcing a field goal attempt. The Seahawks looked to be in their bandit defense, with Brock, Wilkerson and Davis on the line, Curry blitzing, and a plethora of DBs taking various roles. 
  • Special teams is likely going to be a focus this week, as the first string ST unit has looked pretty awful. Another penalty by the Seahawks (really two), and you can see this is just a sloppy team right now. I've been on the record saying that I like a bad pre-season game or two, to really understand what the kinks of a team are... well, I'm getting sloppiness in spades!
  • Leon Washington with a near-perfect zone run. He takes the ball, aims for the gap between Carpenter and Moffit, then foot in the ground and cuts to the inside of Moffit. Really good execution there, which is encouraging, but again, these are not power runs that they are succeeding on, which we believe to be a big part of the game plan this year.
  • Jackson is just absolutely leveled again, this time by Cedric Griffen. 
  • 4:12 left in the half and Ponder is in for the Vikings. He has a different helmet on than most. Concussion problems in the past? Just wondering. 
  • Wow, first legitimate pressure of the game. Branch, Mebane, and Brock all burst through on a little screen pass, and Red Bryant makes a great diving swat to break the play up. On the next play, Bryant almost gets home. One thing we forget about Bryant is that he can actually move quite well, and will get a little bit of pressure.
  • Aaron Curry still acting like a child, grabbing a helmet as part of a little tussle, then throwing it right in front of the official. What are you thinking? 
  • On the next play, an offsides call on Brock negates a funny pass breakup by Brandon Browner. He never even moved his hands, he just jumped up and the ball careened off his shoulder. Dude is tall.
  • Kam Chancellor blitzes and stuffs Toby Gearhart about 3 yards short of the LOS. Really nice play, despite almost jumping off sides.
  • A nice blitz up the middle by Malcolm Smith forces a poor throw on second, then Brock gets a hand on a pass that is almost intercepted by Brandon Browner on third down. Vikes kick a field goal and life is good for the dudes in purple.
  • A continuation of our special teams woes. Really not having a good first half, those blockers...
  • Sidney Rice's first reception as a Seahawk is a 9-yard gain. His second reception comes on the next play, a short little drag for about a yard, but a first down. After that, though, a whole lot of nothing for our two minute offense. 
Sloppy play continued, but at least the defense was looking pretty good. The "bend but don't break" defense seemed to be present again, which is not exactly popular, but holding the Vikings offense to only 6 points despite giving up quite a few yards? Well, that's better than giving up a bunch of points with those bunches of yards. #smallvictories

Raheem Brock is the MVP of the first half. He was everywhere last night, constantly in the QB's face (or back). This seems like the perfect defense for his skill-set, as was evidenced late last year. Jimmy Wilkerson has looked very good, too, which is a surprise to me. The personal foul against Wilkerson was atrocious... I'm sorry, but if the QB doesn't even go down, how personal might the foul have been? No fun league.

Malcolm Smith is looking very good. I am now fully willing to put him on the roster, with no reservations. I think it was @ScottEnyeart who said early on that he was going to make the team and had a specific role in mind for him. Got to agree at this point... 

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