Monday, July 25, 2011

Undrafted FA List (Updating)

Here's what we got... These folks are now members of YOUR Seattle Seahawks! I'll be updating with each signing:
  1. Brent Osborne - OL - Harvard: Osborne needs to put on some weight before stepping into Cable's system, but he's a mean sunuvabitch so he's got that part of Cable's world down pat. Good signing to develop over the next year or two. He is 6'5" 295 lbs.
  2. Ricardo Lockette - WR - Fort Valley State: Fastest WR in the draft at 4.37 (tied with Edmond Gates)... needs work on most aspects of his game, but will be able to take the top off a defense without any trouble. Great size for his speed at 6'2".
  3. Jeron Johnson - SS - Boise State: Liz Mathews is gonna pee her pants. 
  4. Scott Tolzien - QB - Wisconsin: Yeah! Brock's been calling his name for awhile, smart kid, decent size, good signing. [Update: Agent saying this is untrue]
  5. Ricky Thenarse - S - Nebraska: Special teams player of the year for Nebraska (at one point), I don't know a lot about him... but hey, I did find this video, which is very interesting bit about his life and the death of both of his brothers to gang violence.
  6. Jesse Hoffman - FS - Eastern Washington: Not yet confirmed, but apparently Hoffman has signed. Looks to have been more of a force as a KR/PR than as a player, but that's based on very little info... anyone got better?
  7. Ladi Ajiboye - DT - South Carolina: This signing is according to a teammate. A bit small for a DT, short arms and only about 295, but could profile to a 3-tech or 5-tech, from what I can tell.
  8. Michael Morgan - LB - USC: Not yet confirmed, but obviously makes some sense. He is 6'4", 220 lbs, and is an outside linebacker. 
Check Below the cut for highlight videos of the guys I can find...

Ricardo Lockette:

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