Monday, June 27, 2011

Weighing In

I'm trying to ramble through a post and finding I've just got too much to say. That being the case, I thought I would write a random little post weighing in a little on a lot of different little things. I feel like I have catching up to do.

  • I don't hate Charlie Whitehurst. A lot of people do, at least in the blogosphere. I don't get it. You don't know how good or bad he is, you don't know that he's failed, you don't know what Pete and John saw in him to begin with. There's a reason we write blogs about football and they make millions of dollars in the fields of 'Football Science.' 
  • I don't love Charlie Whitehurst. Again, just because I don't hate the guy, doesn't mean I support him. I don't think CBJ is the answer at quarterback, but again, I don't know for sure he isn't. The main thing going against him, however, is...
  • Charlie Whitehurst isn't this team's leader. In fact, he had the perfect opportunity to be and he passed it up. Matt Hasselbeck and Justin Forsett assembled the team into offseason workouts and led those workouts. Whitehurst was a passive participant. John Beck has shown in Washington what a leader looks like, Charlie has shown precisely what one doesn't. 
  • Okay, enough Charlie.
  • He does have nice hair though. Okay, sorry.
  • Brandon Mebane might not be back. That's not my favorite thing to type (he's my favorite Seahawk, after all), but it's time to acknowledge that it just might be true. Mebane is a good, not great, fit for the 4-3 Under defense, and his fit is probably more in the 1-tech hole manned by Colin Cole. If Cullen Jenkins is willing to sign with Seattle, he would be an upgrade - based on fit. 
  • Our secondary is upgraded, but I don't know exactly where yet. I like Mark LeGree to pair in a Ryan Clark role with E.T., and Chancellor should continue the improvements we saw over last year. The sixty one CBs we drafted will probably help a bit too, but your guess is as good as mine as to which ones will. 
  • Marcus Trufant is kinda not great anymore. I'm kinda not sure he ever was, but I still like him. I'd prefer him as our #2 CB, but doubt our #1 guy is on the team right now.
  • We won't sign Nnamdi Asomugha. We could sign Jonathan Joseph, who would be a better value and is three years younger, but we won't sign Nnamdi. 
  • I am not in favor of Matt Hasselbeck re-signing (more on that later), but I fully expect him to and to start week one. 


  1. Not trying to be a kiss-ass here, but I agree with every single bullet point you just wrote. Which is really weird.

  2. Depending on FA/trades I would like to see Hass resigned, I just don't want Charlie to take the first snap this year. I am also very interested in Legree. (See I think that it is possible to have Legree be a deep back and pick of the deep balls, while we let ET roam and do his thing. Legree could turn out to be our Tom Brady (draft steal). Thoughts?

  3. Oh Dan, you kissass. Oh wait, is that an ad hominem attack? #breakingmyowncodeofconductfortheloss

  4. Side note: I will be using twitter hashtags because this is my site and I do what I wannnt.