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Top Day 3 Prospects for Seattle

"Hey, this thing doesn't exist anymore! What's with the re-design? Is that Wolf Grey?!" Yeah, well, your mom. I don't know if I'll be writing over here or not, but I wanted it to exist for when I have something longer or more permanent to say about the Seahawks... so ha!

The Seahawks said they wanted to get faster, and faster they have gotten. With Bruce Irvin they snagged their [first?] pass rusher, with Bobby Wagner they got their [first?] linebacker, and with Russell Wilson they drafted their [only!] quarterback for this draft class. So what are they missing and who could they target in the last four rounds? I think we'll go mostly offense, so that's what I'm focusing on in this post. Who the hell knows what Seattle will ever do on defense, anyway?

Running Back
Pretty sure this is a photo from practice. That's how we do.
Lamar Miller (Miami) - He has fallen due to health concerns, but at one point Miller was considered a near-consensus second RB in this draft. At 5'11" and 212 lbs, Miller would offer the size coveted to back up Marshawn Lynch. With a 4.40 forty-yard dash, he offers the speed that Carroll and Schneider are looking for. He has fallen like a rock due to concerns with his shoulder that, it sounds like, could put him at risk for this season. (4th Round option)

Chris Polk (UW) - He's a Husky, you guys! Polk is right there with Miller for best-available-player, but he too has a shoulder concern. Not quite as fast as Miller, and likely being dinged for his 799 carries in college (that's a LOT of tread nowadays), but Polk should still be considered at the top of the 4th.

Cyrus Gray (Texas A&M) - He's 5'10", 206 lbs and runs a 4.47... that's pretty similar to Miller. Gray is a hard working, hard runner (like Lynch). He was used as a running back, slot receiver, and returner. I think Pete would love to get his hands on someone like that. Seattle is lacking great hands out of the back field, and Leon Washington did not impress much last year as a returner. Team player. (4th - 6th round)

Chris Rainey (Florida) - Has drawn comparisons to a poor-mans Percy Harvin; Rainey is not that special, but he's an explosive back who can cut on a dime then leave you wondering where he disappeared to as he burns past you. A great package guy, Rainey can be the speedy, shifty playmaker that Pete Carroll covets. (4th - 6th round).

Other Options: Robert Turbin, Vick Ballard, Terrance Ganaway, Tauren Poole, Davin Meggett, Bryce Brown

Wide Receiver
Hopefully not how he catches punt returns?
Joe Adams (Arkansas) - 5'11", 180 lbs is not exactly the size profile Pete loves in WRs, so maybe I'm stretching here, but Adams would be a perfect returner and could work on the rest. He averaged nearly 16 yards per punt return for his career (!!!!) and had five touchdowns. Runs after the catch better than most, and is very dangerous in space. Has ball security issues and needs to improve on his routes, but a decent value in the 4th. Unlike Golden Tate, who had similar issues, Adams could impact on day one on special teams.

Nick Toon (Wisconsin) - 6'2", 215 lbs - The Seahawks just grabbed his buddy Russ Wilson, so why not keep the Bucky Trend going? Toon is fast enough (4.54), is good against the press which Seattle will be facing more of in the new-look NFC West. Drops too many balls, but has strong hands and decent jumping ability, so in theory that could be improved upon. (4th round)

Marvin McNutt (Iowa) - 6'3", 216 lbs - identical forty time to Toon, but a smidge taller and better career numbers. McNutt was a solid QB prospect coming out of high school who converted to WR. Also good against press coverage, and reminded me a little of Mike Williams the way he understands how to use his body to create space. He's physical and very talented, but has the same drawbacks as Mike (or Roy, for that matter) Williams. 5th rounder.

Tommy Streeter (Miami) 6'5", 219 lbs, 4.40 forty. An athletic freak with the body to match, you get the impression Streeter is exactly who the Seahawks would love to grab. They have ears inside U of M with Jedd Fisch (and I believe Carroll's son). Incredible length, can high point the ball, can get down field in  a hurry and was dominant on fade routes and seams. More concerned with the catch than the forthcoming hit. He's raw though, hence the drop into the 5th/6th round.

Other names to watch: Jarius Wright (Arkansas), Jeff Fuller (TAMU), Dwight Jones (UNC), Chris Owusu (Stanford -- as a free agent?!)

Tight End
Close Enough
Close enough
Orson Charles (Georgia) - He's the best guy left on the board, but a recent DUI arrest and the fact that he's only 6'3" and not a speedster has made him fall. I don't get the impression he'll be our guy, hence this poor write-up, but I'd be remiss not to mention him. Clearly the "best talent!" available at the position, according to people who write things for a living but don't actually influence draft boards. (4th)

Ladarius Green (Louisiana Lafayette) - He's  6'6", 240 lbs, and runs a 4.53 forty... He came into his own last season, but is basically a one year wonder and is not a great blocker by any stretch. (4th)

Dereck Carrier (Beloit) - Another small school kid, but this one could be interesting as he might fall late. Again, only 6'3", but Carrier is a solid H-back prospect with surprising agility. Played basketball, so he's obviously Jimmy Graham. He visited with Seattle. (7th round)

David Paulson (Oregon) - If I didn't mention him, Scott would lose all respect for me. He's also 6'3" and weighs in a smidge under 250. He doesn't impress me all that much -- 4.93 forty, seems like a good, not great athlete, but there's a lot to work with here and he is an able and willing blocker and good receiver. Not a game breaker, but for a 7th round pick, would be solid value.

Other names to watch: Adrien Robinson (Cincinnati), Brad Smelley (Alabama), Lamant Bryant (Morgan State). All visited Seattle, which you'd know if you visited Field Gulls!

Offensive Line
Breakfast... ends... at... 10:30... almost... there....
Lucas Nix (Pittsburgh) - 6'5" 317 lbs, a top ten guard in the draft, Nix is good but not great at just about everything. Team player, hustle player, and very effective cut blocker. Built for Cable's ZBS, and could be around in the 5th.

Brandon Washington (Miami) - Just to be clear, he's better than Lucas Nix, but that picture was too good to pass up. He's 6'3", 320 lbs, so I think Cable would be okay with him. Solid player that can do his job. Has enough athleticism to play LT at Miami last year, but will be a guard in the NFL. Only 8 penalties in over 1,700 career snaps. Think PC would be happy with that. (4th round)

Ryan Miller (Colorado) - 6'7" 321 lbs. He's probably not good enough (and his arms are too short) to play tackle in the NFL, but is too tall to play guard... well, in most schemes. Pretty much the same size as Robert Gallery who went to a couple of Pro Bowls under Tom Cable. As a 7th rounder or UDFA, it would be nice to see what Cable could turn him into. He's a strong guy, good against bull rushes (a glaring weakness last year), that could develop into something kind of neat.

Other Names to Watch: Anyone who is tall and fat.

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The Third & Fourth Quarter

And some more, this will get a bit less attention, though.

  • Pep Levingston is a guy I had very little faith in after the draft. He has really shown up so far in the pre-season, and the camp session I went to he looked to be doing much the same. I'm still not convinced he makes the team, but I have to believe he has a better shot than a guy like Kentwan Balmer at this stage.
  • Malcolm Smith looks to have some nice pass-rush skills. Good speed, and seems to have a knack for coming off blocks or avoiding them altogether. Young talent like that makes it very hard to believe that Lofa Tatupu would have a role on this team, even if he is cheap...
  • Maurice Fountain with back to back sick plays. Love it.
  • Marshawn Lynch is a very weird man. I love it.
  • Charlie Whitehurst coming in after a punt. I'll cut to the chase though, Whitehurst had a successful game and looked pretty good, but his average yards per attempt was around 5. That's... not very good. I think someone pointed out that his longest pass in the air was something like 16 yards. I'll get to the "Quarterback Controversy" a little later.
  • Anthony McCoy is very good. I don't see a way he is on the street this season, which means Domonique Byrd (who has looked quite good) and John Carlson (who has been mostly absent, but has looked excellent in camp) are potentially fighting for a roster spot. Who the hell is Cameron Morrah?
  • One more bit about Whitehurst. The knock against him here is that all his passes were short, many were checkdowns, but most were drawn up as short passes. Last pre-season, however, Whitehurst couldn't throw a short pass to save his life. I was impressed with the gains in his accuracy from last year. Even in the five incompletions he threw, most were catchable balls. 
  • The touchdown from Whitehurst to McCoy was nice improvisation both by Whitehurst and McCoy. There are going to be a lot of improvised touchdowns this year judging by our offensive line's play...
  • These Seahawks had a lot of trouble containing the QB. Again, that's mostly a game-planning issue, but  both Ponder and Webb were really gashing the defense. Combined they had 5 runs for 26 yards.
  • Bend but don't break -> Josh Pinkard with a helluva forced fumble, punching the ball 15 yards through the back of the endzone for a touchback on what was nearly a touchdown. 
  • Kris Durham looked pretty good last night, catching just about everything thrown near him. He had 4 receptions last night, and was second only to D Byrd for yards. This on a night where only 10 of 27 completions were to WRs makes it a tad bit more impressive.
  • I like Vai Tuau more than Thomas Clayton, and it's not really close. 
  • Whitehurst gets absolutely annihilated and comes up looking hurt. That one is on him, in my opinion. He held onto the ball too long, and when the first and second layers of defense are blocked off, there's really only so much you can expect from your line, RBs and TEs. 
Okay, so, not a good game for the Seahawks. Defense looked a bit slow, showed a lot of those bend but don't break tendencies that average defenses often show. Yes, we got to a Super Bowl with BbdB attitude, but that was also with one of the best offenses in the league. I expect more from our guys in the trenches, especially against a pretty bad offensive line. They had some nice flashes, but nothing too consistent. It's hard to see how this team becomes elite without an elite pass rush. Mebane and Bryant should be anchors for years to come (provided health), but neither Clemons nor Brock are long term answers, and I don't have faith in Dexter Davis at this point. 

The Second Quarter


  • Forsett gets four shots to score from the two, can't score. Not good enough. Continued poor play from the offensive line, who was consistently pushed back. I don't quite understand why Lynch is not the goal line back, but he rarely was last year if I recall correctly. 
  • Trufant gives up an admittedly good catch to a tight end. So, half okay, half not so much okay. On the next play, Aaron Curry oversells on a playaction and McNabb's bootleg works to perfection. 
  • Leroy Hill looks like his earlier self. Really flying around last night and last week. 
  • Jennings gives up a nice catch to Jenkins. Not really a lot that he could have done there, but people are still probably mad about it. Jennings isn't a very good corner, but he was great in Hotel Rwanda, so whatever. 
  • Wilkerson looks good at the five-tech position, and Dexter Davis is taking snaps with the ones. Davis is someone I haven't heard almost anything about this year, but I am hoping for big things from him. Siavii makes a couple of nice plays too.
  • Alan Branch is massive, and does a good job getting a deflection despite being double teamed. 
  • Jeron Johnson makes a nice play picking up the tight end, forcing a field goal attempt. The Seahawks looked to be in their bandit defense, with Brock, Wilkerson and Davis on the line, Curry blitzing, and a plethora of DBs taking various roles. 
  • Special teams is likely going to be a focus this week, as the first string ST unit has looked pretty awful. Another penalty by the Seahawks (really two), and you can see this is just a sloppy team right now. I've been on the record saying that I like a bad pre-season game or two, to really understand what the kinks of a team are... well, I'm getting sloppiness in spades!
  • Leon Washington with a near-perfect zone run. He takes the ball, aims for the gap between Carpenter and Moffit, then foot in the ground and cuts to the inside of Moffit. Really good execution there, which is encouraging, but again, these are not power runs that they are succeeding on, which we believe to be a big part of the game plan this year.
  • Jackson is just absolutely leveled again, this time by Cedric Griffen. 
  • 4:12 left in the half and Ponder is in for the Vikings. He has a different helmet on than most. Concussion problems in the past? Just wondering. 
  • Wow, first legitimate pressure of the game. Branch, Mebane, and Brock all burst through on a little screen pass, and Red Bryant makes a great diving swat to break the play up. On the next play, Bryant almost gets home. One thing we forget about Bryant is that he can actually move quite well, and will get a little bit of pressure.
  • Aaron Curry still acting like a child, grabbing a helmet as part of a little tussle, then throwing it right in front of the official. What are you thinking? 
  • On the next play, an offsides call on Brock negates a funny pass breakup by Brandon Browner. He never even moved his hands, he just jumped up and the ball careened off his shoulder. Dude is tall.
  • Kam Chancellor blitzes and stuffs Toby Gearhart about 3 yards short of the LOS. Really nice play, despite almost jumping off sides.
  • A nice blitz up the middle by Malcolm Smith forces a poor throw on second, then Brock gets a hand on a pass that is almost intercepted by Brandon Browner on third down. Vikes kick a field goal and life is good for the dudes in purple.
  • A continuation of our special teams woes. Really not having a good first half, those blockers...
  • Sidney Rice's first reception as a Seahawk is a 9-yard gain. His second reception comes on the next play, a short little drag for about a yard, but a first down. After that, though, a whole lot of nothing for our two minute offense. 
Sloppy play continued, but at least the defense was looking pretty good. The "bend but don't break" defense seemed to be present again, which is not exactly popular, but holding the Vikings offense to only 6 points despite giving up quite a few yards? Well, that's better than giving up a bunch of points with those bunches of yards. #smallvictories

Raheem Brock is the MVP of the first half. He was everywhere last night, constantly in the QB's face (or back). This seems like the perfect defense for his skill-set, as was evidenced late last year. Jimmy Wilkerson has looked very good, too, which is a surprise to me. The personal foul against Wilkerson was atrocious... I'm sorry, but if the QB doesn't even go down, how personal might the foul have been? No fun league.

Malcolm Smith is looking very good. I am now fully willing to put him on the roster, with no reservations. I think it was @ScottEnyeart who said early on that he was going to make the team and had a specific role in mind for him. Got to agree at this point... 

The First Quarter

I didn't get a chance to pay close attention to the game yesterday, so I'll be re-live-blogging it. Here we go:

  • Opening kickoff - Tate wouldn't normally take it out, but was probably told to... still, from about 6 yards deep, he takes it out and only gets to about the 11 before being swarmed by six Vikings. That's on the blockers.
  • First play - Seahawks line up with empty backfield, T-Jack looks quite good, in that he stays in the pocket, steps up, and makes a pretty good throw that Tate can't hang on to.
  • 13:20 - Jackson somehow evades a sack from Jared Allen after Tyler Polumbus completely ignores one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. T-Jack throws the ball away since no one was open. 
  • Vikings first play is a run up the gut to Peterson, who gets about a yard before meeting Alan Branch. Second play, Raheem Brock is untouched off the left edge and shows Allen how it's done. On 3rd and Long the Vikings basically do the same unsuccessful 3rd-and-long screen play that Forsett couldn't convert. 
  • Jackson flashes his escapability on 1st and 10 and scrambles for four yards. Kept his eyes downfield though, which is nice. On 2nd and 6, T-Jack again gets out of trouble, making a good throw while practically sprinting backwards. McCoy catches and rambles 6 yards for the first. 
  • Run game still not working well, as Lynch is stuffed for a two yard loss. The Vikings are blitzing on almost every play, which is not game-planned for here in pre-season. Still, it's always concerning when a team states that they will be a run-first team, but can't run.
  • Mike Williams with a dumb false start penalty makes me realize that neither he nor Rice (or Tate) has a completion at this point. Miller, McCoy, Robinson, and Forsett with the completions thus far. Part of that is no doubt the fact that our friend Jackson is under siege constantly. 
  • Seahawks punt, Jeron Johnson forces a fumble with a nice last-second punch, which Curry returns for a touchdown. Unfortunately, the play is blown dead, so the Curry TD counts for naught. No big deal, except, of course, that it becomes one:
  • Two plays later, Jackson throws a catchable ball slightly behind Golden Tate. It wasn't a great throw, but it is an easy catch for an NFL player. The ball clanks off both of Tate's hands and is returned 64 yards for a touchdown. That sucks, but what sucks more is that the referee blew the Curry TD dead, and three plays later there was a pick-6. 14 point swing in about 3 minutes. 
  • Jackson delivers a very nice swing pass to Lynch, allowing him to catch it in stride and not miss a step. Every QB should be able to make that throw, but it's been a big problem in recent years (Hasselbeck less so, but Whitehurst and Wallace for sure). 
  • First attempt to Sidney Rice is overthrown, but it's a pretty ball (other than being 3 yards out of bounds). On third and seven, Jackson again rambles for a first down. He seems to have a very good idea of where he needs to be for a first, which is nice. 
  • The offensive line is looking absolutely terrible, by the way. 
  • Leon Washington's first carry shows why he is going to be much more integrated in this offense. He's fluid and shifty, but also sick-fast. Brings the speed that Forsett doesn't, and the make-ya-miss that Lynch lacks. These three backs are all different, which is nice. 
  • Stupid penalty by Moffitt, but he's a rookie, so I'm not too worried. James Carpenter's name hasn't been called and he hasn't been particularly noticeable at this point... that's a good thing.
  • On third and one, the Seahawks get nothing. Silly weird jump pass by T-Jack after another Viking goes unblocked and takes him down. On 4th and one, Michael Robinson has a great run, somehow squirting through a mass of men and getting about six yards. 
  • Sidney Rice in the slot, bad ball by Jackson who should have been picked off by the safety. This is what Jackson is notorious for, so it's a little concerning to see him just notice the safety. 
  • 0:46 -- first completion to a wide receiver! It's Mike Williams with a crazy good catch, nice and physical and gets the team to the two. 
  • Forsett runs up the middle between Unger and Gallery, gets about 1.5 yards. The first quarter is over!
Overall, the Seahawks offense looked pretty poor in the first quarter (and are about to look poorer when they can't convert in three tries from the 0.5 yard line). The offensive line is going to be absolutely demolished by Tom Cable in the film room. Again, these blitzes are not being game-planned, so you give a degree of lee-way in picking them up, but at the same time you've got a QB running for his life on literally every play. Hasselbeck would probably already have a broken tailbone at this rate. Shockingly poor play by the OL, and it's not just Polumbus. 

Jackson looks better than he did last week, but something is still missing. Without being able to see the full field, I can't tell you what is going on with WRs on every play, but there were five targets in the first quarter: one was overthrown out of bounds (Rice), one was intercepted off a drop (Tate), one should have been intercepted after ignoring the safety (Rice), one was a tough, but catchable ball (Tate), and one was actually caught (Williams). Jackson's shiftiness and athleticism will keep the Seahawks in games early, but he has to be able to find his targets at all levels of the field for this team to actually win.

Different runs are being called for different RBs. Leon Washington isn't being asked to run power up the gut like Marshawn Lynch is, so this may come down to being more of an offensive line function than a running back function, but right now Lynch is our 3rd RB, Forsett is 2nd, and Washington is #1. All three will get a fair amount of carries this year, but Lynch is likely set for the most. If he doesn't turn it on a bit (and the OL doesn't get much better at blocking power run plays), we're in for a long season. 

I haven't seen Carlson and didn't see the inactive list, so maybe he's on that. I do know that Anthony McCoy is looking like a keeper, though. 

So, uh, the defense saw three plays. Not much to evaluate, but they should have fresh legs in the second quarter!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preseason Week 2 - A Look at the Roster

Going off the great back and forth between @ScottEnyeart and @DavisHsuSeattle, I figured it might be a good time to break down the roster after seeing a little and hearing a lot. Without further delay...

Specialists - 3
Punter - Jon Ryan
Kicker - Jeff Reed
Longsnapper - Clint Gresham
Cut - P John Gold, K Brandon Coutu

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pre-season Week 1 - Game Wrap-up (Offense Edition)

Well, it wasn't always pretty, but the Seahawks first preseason game is over and it ended with a victory, whatever that's worth. Obviously, the primary concern is that Russell Okung appears to have suffered his third high ankle sprain in twelve months, but more on that in another post. I'm going to break it down the easiest way I know how, player by player (of those who stood out to me).
Tarvaris Jackson - Jackson didn't look sharp, but I think he played better than we're giving him credit for. We all know that most of his targets were missing in action. Jackson's strengths: mobility and athleticism, wicked rifle arm, intelligence. Jackson's weaknesses, one by one:
A) Lack of confidence -- according to Scott Enyeart, he didn't have many open recievers down field (not a surprise given our 3s were going against the Chargers' 1s), but even still, there were times where he had a single high safety and man coverage that he did not exploit. Jackson seemed tentative and more concerned with not making a mistake than making a play.
B) Pocket presence -- it seemed lacking. I think Jackson relies too heavily on his athleticism to get away from defenders after they touch him, rather than sensing their presence and stepping up to avoid. If I'm a defensive coordinator, I game plan entirely around getting Jackson moving early and often to affect his accuracy.
C) Lack of timing and experience in this offense. It'll come, and I am confident that he knows the "offense" but there was no clear chemistry last night.
Charlie Whitehurst - He looked particularly poor in the first half, but actually flashed a bit in the second. Honestly, nothing seems to have changed much from last year with Charlie, from what I could tell. He doesn't inspire me, but he doesn't revile me either. I'll look forward to seeing both him and Jackson more in the pre-season. It was kind of embarassing that Charlie, a five or six year veteran, has the same sliding acumen as UDFA Scott Tolzien, but I suppose I'm picking nits a tad...
Josh Portis - QBOTF? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Portis looked awful to start, but after the nerves were out following his first series, he came out and commanded the offense. Admittedly, it was the third/fourth string guys going against the same, but Portis showed poise in the pocket, better athleticism than Tarvaris, and even got through reads and progressions, which is nice to see from a young QB. Portis will remain an enigma, and during preseason will likely get a bit more love and affection than he deserves. Still, it is easier to see now what Pete Carroll has been raving about with this kid.
The TEs
Zach Miller - My heterosexual lifemate didn't have much of a showing, though he was effective in run blocking from what little I could see. I'll be re-watching the game soon enough, and will focus a bit more on big #86. I believe his only target was well away from him.
Dominique Byrd - Well, hello there Mr. Byrd. I think that if anyone on offense really, truly flashed last night it was Byrd, who regularly found the perfect spot to sit in a zone. He was open almost every time I saw him on the field, and when ESPN mercifully opted to show more of the field than the QB's head, Byrd was either blowing past LBs or sitting in empty space.
Anthony McCoy - He had a touchdown, which is nice, and did a good job coming back into the play for Portis to get open. Also flashed a few times as a run blocker, which is important in this offense. His main competition for a roster spot is D Byrd though, and that's going to be tough competition, methinks.
The RBs
Marshawn Lynch - This appeared to be more an exercise in proving that Lynch existed rather than having him do much. He had, what, three runs for 8 yards? I think at least two of them were power behind the two rookies, so, y'know. What do you expect? Still, he does exist, which is nice.
Leon Washington - Looking good, L-Dub. Expect him to see a lot more carries this year, especially with the absolutely terrible, stupid, no good, very bad kickoff rule.
Thomas Clayton - Had a nice run that was incredibly well blocked. Other than that 25 yard run, he had a poor night. Let's not get too excited about Clayton until someone can find a spot in our crowded backfield. Unless he can lead block, he doesn't make the team.
The WRs
Golden Tate - Tate had a nice night. It wasn't flashy, it wasn't grand, it wasn't much beyond nice. That's what we need from him right now. Be consistent and reliable, prove you deserve to be out on the field, THEN extend a play with your freakass athleticism. He's on the right path. His routes looked night and day from last pre-season, and his hands seemed more reliable.
Doug Baldwin - Davis Hsu has been singing his praises, and Baldwin did flash at the training camp I went to, but he really showed up last night. Baldwin could be Mr. Reliable for the Seahawks, and appears to have some of the flexibility that has led Ben Obomanu to stick so long with this team.  He had a 40-or-so yard kick return that significantly ups his stock, too, though the coverage on that kick was pretty embarrassing.
Isaiah Stanback - Got the start, looked alright, but almost made a freaky circus catch on a ball that was way underthrown by Whitehurst. That was fun (almost).
Chris Carter - Hawk Blogger's home boy looked good, and you've got to love the confidence of an undrafted free agent telling the head coach to throw a red flag. I believe Carter caught that non-catch, but the reviews were clearly not sufficient to overturn the ruling on the field. Had it been called a catch it would have stood, though.
The OL
James Carpenter - Carpenter is a huge mass of man. He was getting pretty good push in the run game, but needs badly to work on technique in pass pro. There was one bull rush where Carp stood up off the snap and was just dominated. Got to keep leverage, James. Plenty to like about his first time out of the gates, though.
John Moffit / Max Unger / Robert Gallery - The interior line looked okay, not great, not bad, just y'know, interior-y. Moffitt looked fantastic on the Leon Washington touchdown, pulling across with ease to set the whole play in motion. Not exactly the power we were expecting, but to mix power and finesse like that is a nice thing. I like where the line is going, so hip hip hooray.
Russell Okung - Damn it all.
Tyler Polumbus - Same as it ever was. I like Polumbus because he is versatile and fairly effective in pass pro when that's the focus. That's about it though. I remain hopeful that the Seahawks sign another veteran tackle, possibly from the Raiders...